Pillar Property is committed to excellence and our goal is that our services and results will exceed your expectations.

Not all Property Managers are made equal

The main difference between us and the traditional property management company is that, as well managing the day to day things like rent collection and maintenance, our focus is to improve the performance and value of our client’s properties.

We aim to exceed clients expectations by tailoring advice and solutions to each client’s specific needs and objectives, providing timely and accurate information to our clients and delivering measurable results to our clients.

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Why the highest rent may not always be the best rent

Our role as your property manager is to maximise the rental return on your investment property – however, obtaining the highest rent per week is just one component of ensuring that your investment delivers the expected returns. The term “best rent” refers to the optimum rent that your property can achieve without causing your tenants […]

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Make a New Years Resolution – Increase your rental returns!

As a property investor now is the time to think about making the ultimate new years resolution, and that is to increase your rental returns. Take the time to review the past rental year.  Did you have a vacancy and if so how long was the property vacant and did you get a rent increase […]

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