At Pillar Property Management, we are so confident that you will be happy with our services that we offer a Service Performance Guarantee.

We have a reputation that we are justifiably proud of. This reputation has been built on consistently high quality service at all times.

Listed below are the services we guarantee to provide:

  1. To proactively manage your property investment and you provide you with regular market information.
  2. To optimise the rental value of your property.
  3. To interview ‘personally’ all prospective tenants and check all their references.
  4. To prepare a written inspection report of the property at commencement and completion of the tenancy.
  5. To ensure that rents are paid promptly in accordance with the Tenancy Agreement.
  6. To carry out regular inspections of your property and provide you with ‘detailed’ written reports.
  7. To provide a written monthly account of rental monies collected.
  8. To arrange repairs and maintenance according to your instructions and ensure they are carried out in a professional manner and at the best price.
  9. To pay all accounts on your behalf, as instructed.
  10. To inspect the property at the completion of the tenancy and refund bond monies only when the condition is satisfactory.
  11. To communicate with you on a regular basis on all matters in accordance with your instructions.
  12. To ensure we act in our owners best interest and according to owners’ authority at all times.
  13. To provide you with professional and friendly service at all times.


Our performance guarantee is – ‘if at any time of using our services, you wish to cancel because you are not happy, then we will refund the last 4 months management fees to you’ 

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