Pillar Property Management’s Commitment to Excellence 

At Pillar Property Management, we stand behind the quality of our services with a Service Performance Guarantee. Our confidence in our ability to satisfy your property management needs is rooted in a well-established reputation for consistent, high-quality service. We take pride in the level of care and expertise we bring to managing your investment.

Our Guaranteed Services:

    • Proactive Property Management: We pledge to manage your property investment diligently and keep you informed with regular updates on market conditions.
    • Rental Value Optimization: Our goal is to maximize your property’s rental potential.
    • Thorough Tenant Screening: We personally interview all potential tenants and conduct comprehensive reference checks.
    • Detailed Inspection Reports: At both the start and end of a tenancy, we prepare and provide written inspection reports.
    • Prompt Rent Collection: We ensure rents are collected on time as per the Tenancy Agreement.
    • Regular Property Inspections: Expect detailed reports from our regular inspections to keep you informed about your property’s condition.
    • Transparent Financial Reporting: Receive written monthly summaries of rental income collected.
    • Managed Repairs and Maintenance: We’ll handle repairs and maintenance efficiently, following your instructions and ensuring cost-effectiveness.
    • Bill Payment Service: As instructed, we’ll manage the payment of all accounts related to your property.
    • Bond Management: At tenancy completion, we inspect the property and return bond monies based on satisfactory property condition.
    • Open Communication: We guarantee regular and clear communication on all matters, following your specified instructions.
    • Owner Advocacy: Our actions are always in your best interest, adhering to your authority.
    • Professional and Friendly Service: Our team is committed to providing service that is both expert and approachable. 

Our Performance Guarantee 

Should you find yourself unsatisfied with our service at any point, we offer a straightforward promise: we will refund the last 4 months of management fees. This guarantee underscores our commitment to your satisfaction and confidence in our property management services.

Experience the Pillar Property Management difference—where your satisfaction is our priority.



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