Tenant Selection: Key Pillar of Investment Property Success

Selecting the right tenant is arguably the most crucial decision impacting the success and ease of managing your investment property. A well-chosen tenant lays the foundation for a smooth and largely trouble-free tenancy.

Our tenant selection process is rigorous and thorough, beginning the moment a prospective tenant completes our comprehensive application form. Our due diligence includes:

  • Verification of Rental References: We check both current and previous landlords to gauge reliability and tenancy history.
  • Financial Assessment: An evaluation of the applicant’s financial stability and ability to consistently pay rent.
  • Employment Verification: Confirmation of employment status, salary, and tenure to ensure stable income.
  • Personal References: Checking personal references to better understand the applicant’s character and reliability.
  • Ownership Verification: For applications with private landlord references, we conduct a property ownership search to verify the reference’s legitimacy.
  • Residency Status: If necessary, confirmation of the applicant’s legal right to reside in Australia.
  • ID Verification: Ensuring the information provided on the application matches their identification documents.
  • Previous Rental History Check with TICA: We consult TICA, an Australia-wide tenant database, to identify any previous rental debts or court judgments against the applicant in Australia and/or New Zealand.

After completing these checks, we compile a summary for the property owner’s review. The final decision to accept or reject an application rests with the owner, but we provide a recommendation to aid in this important decision.

Commitment to Integrity: Our policy mandates a TICA check before considering any tenancy application. This step underscores our commitment to safeguarding your investment against potential risks, ensuring that your property is entrusted to reliable and responsible tenants.


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