This would be the most important decision of all to be made with regard to your investment property.  After choosing the right tenant, everything else should and usually is, trouble-free. 

Once a Tenant has completed our comprehensive application form, we begin our detailed assessment and due diligence on their suitability which includes; 

  • Checking current and previous rental references
  • Assessment of their financial ability to pay the rent
  • Confirmation of their employment details, including salary and tenure
  • Checking of all personal references 
  • Should the previous reference be a private landlord, we will do an ownership search of the property to ensure that we are speaking with the rightful owner of that property
  • Confirmation that the applicant has the right to reside in Australia (if required)
  • Check that their ID information matches the information on their application form
  • Check of previous rental history with TICA

When all of these checks are completed, the summary is passed on to the owner for discussion. The decision to accept or reject an application will always be the owner’s and we make a recommendation to assist owners in making the decision.

Our office will not consider accepting a tenancy application before first doing a check with TICA. This organisation is an Australia-wide database service which records and reveals any tenant who has previously left a debt at a property or has a Court judgment made against them anywhere in Australia and/or New Zealand.

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