Need advice with buying?

Juggling selling and buying can be stressful and sometimes complicated and that’s why you need a trusted advisor that can guide you through this process. We have been providing our clients with proactive and intelligent realestate advice since 2005 and we can help you manage the transition and logistics of buying and selling. 

A buyers agent can help you!

If you are looking to buy further afield or just don’t have the time to search and inspect multiple properties, you could consider using a buyers agent to assist you. Pillar Property can introduce you to the right buyers agent for your needs, whether that be a family home or investment property. 

A buyers agent can assist you with;

1.    Advice on specific property types and locations.

2.    Do all the searching and legwork for you and be your eyes and ears on the ground.

3.    Analyse each property prospect and carry out due diligence. 

4.    Advise you about pricing and offers.

5.    Negotiate on your behalf. 

If you are considering purchasing a property, call us on 1300 781 824 to see how we can help you.


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