At Pillar Property Management, we conduct and then provide a detailed routine inspection report.

You will receive a minimum of two routine inspection reports per year. The first inspection takes place prior to the end of the first three months of tenancy and subsequent inspections will occur every six months.

We pride ourselves on having one of the most detailed property inspection reporting processes in the industry.

Our routine reports are especially devised to give you as much information as possible and includes:

  • How the tenant is maintaining the property both inside and out
  • Any advice from the Tenant regarding their future Tenancy plans
  • Urgent maintenance or safety issues
  • Routine maintenance or repair issues
  • Re-evaluation on current rent received versus market comparison
  • Smoke alarm and termite inspection due dates
  • Current water charging status
  • Budgeted refurbishment requirements.
  • Highlighted items for your information
  • Photographs of any item that we consider requires your attention

Should we have any concerns regarding the care of the property while carrying out our routine inspection, we will inform you of our concerns then take the steps necessary to rectify the issue.

We give routine inspections a high priority as we realize the importance of ensuring that the property remains in good condition and the value of our client’s asset is not diminished. Another example of our priority of keeping our clients fully informed.

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