Comprehensive Property Inspection Reports at Pillar Property Management:

At Pillar Property Management, our commitment to maintaining and enhancing the value of your property is evident in our meticulous property inspection and reporting process. We ensure that each property under our management undergoes thorough inspections, followed by the preparation of in-depth inspection reports.

Each year, you can expect to receive at least two routine inspection reports, with an additional third report during the first year of any new tenancy. Our initial inspection is conducted within the first 8 weeks of occupancy, with subsequent reviews scheduled every six months thereafter.

Our reputation is built on providing some of the most comprehensive inspection reports in the property management sector. These reports are designed to offer detailed insights, including:

  • The condition of the property, both interior and exterior, as maintained by the tenant.
  • Feedback from tenants regarding their future leasing intentions.
  • Identification of any urgent maintenance or safety concerns.
  • Notation of routine maintenance or repair needs.
  • Assessment of the current rent in relation to market rates.
  • Due dates for smoke alarm and termite inspections.
  • The status of current water charges.
  • Recommendations for budgeted refurbishments.
  • Key highlights for your attention.
  • Photographic documentation of any issues requiring your focus.

Should any concerns arise during our inspections regarding the upkeep of your property, we will not only notify you but also initiate the necessary steps to address the issue promptly.

We give utmost priority to routine inspections, recognizing their critical role in preserving the condition of your property and safeguarding the value of your investment.





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