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Buying a property is not an everyday task; in fact many people would not purchase more than four properties in their lifetime. As such, it is near impossible to have all the information and insights as well as have the time required, to get everything right.

This is where Pillar Property can help.

Pillar Property Buyers Agents provide property buyers with a complete support network for their property purchase; including advice, sourcing, evaluating and negotiating the property as well as coordinating the pre-purchase due-diligence, right through to working with your finance broker and solicitor to ensure a smooth transaction through to settlement.

Pillar Property helps their clients avoid the common mistakes often made by time poor or inexperienced buyers.


You have your own unique Circumstances

We understand that everyone’s situation is different and at Pillar Property we don’t adopt once size fits all approach. Whether you are a high income earning professional looking for capital growth and tax breaks, an investor looking for a combination of growth and cash-flow or perhaps a Self-Managed Super Fund looking to invest according to a set criteria that you have worked out with your financial adviser – we can help.

Here’s how you will benefit from utilising our services:

SAVE MONEY:  Take advantage of our negotiation strength when it comes to putting in an offer. On average, people pay 10% more for a property than the budget they originally set for it. Real-estate agents are skilled are getting buyers to pay the most money for a property and we are skilled at helping our clients buy property for the lowest possible price.

SOUND ADVICE: When buying a property, it’s difficult to access trusted independent information. Having performed over 2000 property appraisals, inspections and purchases, as a client you will benefit from our experience and insights. We take into account your objectives and criteria and provide you with an objective assessment of the property, taking into account – current market conditions, the suburbs performance, the property type and presentation, the seller’s motivation as well as the physical condition of the property.

THE RIGHT PROPERTY:  It’s easy to get swept up in the emotion of real estate and that’s exactly when mistakes happen. Our stringent due diligence systems, inspections and reports are designed to help you buy the right property and avoid potential pitfalls.

EFFICIENCY: Rather than separately engaging various professionals for the plethora of inspections and required documentation, while also liaising with your financier and solicitor, Pillar Property provides complete advisory and due diligence service and manage all communication on your behalf.

REDUCE RISK:  Our cross-technical background across property, finance, strata assessments, building and construction, gives us a unique perspective into real estate and how to avoid risks such as over capitalising or paying too much, building problems, ongoing repairs and buying in over developed areas.

Pillar Property can support you with all your property purchase needs. We look forward to working with you..

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