Commercial Property Management

Commercial property ranges from, Retail Property, Industrial Parks & Warehouses, Office Suites & Buildings, Medical Centres, Hotels, Child Care Centres and Specialty Properties.

Whatever type of commercial property that you own, it has to perform as an investment and savy investors know the importance of good management. 

Factors that will directly affect the performance your investment include; the tenant calibre, lease structure, proactive and cost effective building maintenance and having to reliable and detailed market data. 

Questions to ask your property manager!

1.    What fees will they charge and what value will they bring to me?

2.    How frequently will they inspect my property?

3.    Will the inspection reports include detailed comments and photos?

4.    What is their level of experience in the industry?

5.    How long have they worked for that particular company? 

6.    How do they build good relationships with tenants?

7.    How well do they know the property market?

8.    How do they maximise rent for their clients, and minimise vacancies and maintenance costs? 

9. What are some examples of how they have helped clients improve the value of their commercial property assets.

10. Do they have many client testimonials? 

Pillar Property has proven success in helping our clients, maintain and improve the value of their property investments and we do this through our proactive and intelligent management system.

If you are considering purchasing a commercial property, call us on 1300 781 824 to see how we can help you.


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