Western Sydney, NSW

Type of Property
Childcare Centre

Reason for purchase:

Purchase Price: $7.0m

Client Budget for a Property Investment: $8.0m

Asking price: $7.2m

Lease term: 20years

Outgoings: 100% paid by the tenant

Property age: 18 months

Net yield: : 5.8%

Negotiated Discount $200,000

Client brief:

Our client is a busy Doctor with a substantial residential property portfolio and he wanted to diversify into commercial property. He needed our advice and help with finding, evaluating and negotiating the right property for him. After several months of searching we located a Childcare Centre Investment that was only 18 months old and still had over 18 years left to run on a 20 year lease. We negotiated a discount to asking price and now take care of the day to day property management for our client.