Buying An Investment Property

Successful Property Investment is about “growing your wealth through property – safely”. Unlike buying a home, an investment property purchase should be the result of careful consideration of how a property meets your investment objectives, how the property will perform as an investment whilst managing your risk.

A good investment property needs to perform as an investment, meet your objectives and it also must have owner occupier appeal so tenants will want to rent the property and if one day you decide to sell the property, there will be competitive buyer interest.

Important considerations!

1.    How much should I spend on an investment property?

2.    What yields can I expect?

3.    Do I have the time to review dozens of properties?

4.    Working out renovations costs / benefits

5.    Do I have the experience to accurately assess a property’s value?

6.    Am I a good negotiator?

7.    What are acceptable strata fees (if an apartment)

8.    What due diligence needs to be done & who can do this for me?


When looking for an investment property it’s easy to spend countless nights and weekends combing the internet and viewing properties, often to be disappointed with the difference in what’s marketed versus reality.

We have proven success in finding quality investment properties and ensuring you have considered all necessary aspects. We start by understanding your objectives and rather than push real estate onto you, we put together a targeted short-list of properties that directly match your criteria – saving you valuable time and frustration. We also arrange all the necessary due diligence for you, accurately appraise the value of the property and we negotiate the best possible price for you.

If you are considering purchasing a residential investment property, call us on 1300 781 824 to see how we can help you.


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