The Highest Rent is Not Always the Best Option

17th November 2014

Our role as your property manager is to maximise the rental return on your investment property – however, obtaining the best rent per week is just one component of ensuring that your investment delivers the expected returns. The term “best rent” refers to the optimum rent that your property can achieve without causing your tenants […]

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The Property Investors Duty of Care

17th September 2014

The recent deaths of five children in rental properties throughout the country has highlighted the need for a greater awareness of the maintenance required in rental properties, in particular the maintenance and state of repair of timber decks, balconies and hand railings. If someone is hurt or suffers a loss in a rental property, they […]

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How did your Australian home get its look.

31st August 2014

Australian homes are made up of many different architectural styles? Have you ever wondered how the different styles came to be? What is your favorite? Roots of Style: How Did Your Australian Home Get Its Look?

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27th July 2014

Investors shouldn’t be lured in a false sense of security or a false economy in this market. The market will not keep going up indefinitely and interest rates will not stay this low. I am currently seeing investors purchase properties on yields at or below 4%. One simple thing for investors to be aware of […]

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We reconfigured this property & doubled the rent

11th July 2014

THE CLIENTS BRIEF: Our clients have negatively geared properties in their portfolio and wanted to add some positive cash-flow properties. We found a property in the target area that was ripe for a makeover plus building a 2nd dwelling at the rear of the block. See how we reconfigured the property and site to double […]

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Get strategic with your investment property!

09th June 2014

The key to successful property investment is not just getting the highest rent or appointing a property manager to do the job for the lowest fee. There are a number of factors that prudent property investors take into account to ensure that their investment is profitable and grows in capital value, namely;   Review & […]

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Rent Reviews – To increase or not to increase?

28th May 2014

We understand that prompt and ongoing rent payments are the lifeblood for property investors. Keeping rent at or ‘slightly’ below market rent levels has 2 main advantages; Ensure’s that the property is leased quickly after becoming vacant Entices tenants not to leave for a similar property at a cheaper rent Consider this; One weeks vacancy […]

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Supercharging returns for client – Part 1

24th April 2014

THE BRIEF:  After helping our client purchase an investment property in Bondi, the next one was to be positive cash flow. They had a budget of up to $500,000 and wanted a location with low vacancy and a good history of capital growth. After about 8 weeks we found a property in the target area […]

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How we doubled the rental return!

06th February 2014

Pillar Property work closely with our clients to help them increase their wealth through property. One way to be able to keep investing and growing wealth is to have a balanced property portfolio with a mix of property types. Granny flats are a great way to boost a portfolios cash flow. PROPERTY’S BEST FEATURES: 700 […]

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Top 250 most walk-able suburbs in Sydney – How does your suburb rate?

22nd October 2013

Walk Score rates over 10,000 neighbourhoods in almost 3,000 cities across the United States, Canada, and Australia so you can find a walk-able home or apartment. Property Investing 101 says that properties within walk-able neighbourhoods with good access to public transport, shopping,  recreational and lifestyle facilities and within close proximity to places of employment and […]

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