Where are we in the Sydney property cycle?

09th September 2013

One thing is for sure with the Australian property market; most markets around the country experience an inconsistent flow of capital growth. Many markets experience most of their capital growth in as little as one third of the cycle whilst the other two thirds of the cycle produces very little growth. In this newsletter, we take a […]

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Cash-Flow Positive Property + Capital Growth

04th September 2013

We seem to be in the ‘Property Investors Sweet-Spot” at the moment with low interest rates, high rental yields and as well as being in the capital growth part of the cycle for Sydney and its outlying areas. With the NSW state affordable housing policy allowing for 2nd dwellings (or Granny Flats) to be built […]

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Have You Registered Your Swimming Pool

30th August 2013

Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in very young children who lack the cognitive and water skills to deal with the danger. With over 300,000 backyard swimming pools in NSW, swimming pool safety is a vital issue that affects the whole community. Pool Regulations The NSW Swimming Pool Register is due very soon! […]

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Property Orientation – Why it Matters?

11th June 2013

At this time of year, it’s easy to see why a property’s orientation matters. The sun sits lowest in the sky around 21 June and shadows cast by the sun are at their longest. Whether the property you’re considering is a home, investment or business premises, choosing one with the right orientation increases its energy […]

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Tax Time – Depreciation

16th May 2013

We asked Tyron Hyde of Washington Brown, one of Australia’s leading quantity surveying firms, to share his tips on making the most of the tax deductions with your investment property. 1. Spread your deductions throughout the year Did you know that if you are claiming depreciation and deductions on your investment property, you could simply pay […]

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First Home Buyers Grant to reduce to $10,000

10th May 2013

In NSW, the first Home buyers grant will reduce from $15,000 to $10,000 on January 1, 2014. The grant applies to first home buyers or purchase or build a new home valued up to $650,000. Across the country, according to ABS figures, first home buyers accounted for only 14.2% of total owner occupied housing. This […]

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11 Renovation Tips

16th April 2013

For the majority of people, a home is much more than a place to live, it’s often their largest investment. The renovation decisions you make today can impact on your future living costs, quality of life and future property value, so you want to make sure you get it right. When you’re planning your renovation […]

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Mortgagee Purchase Generates Profits

10th February 2012

THE BRIEF:  Our client was looking for a house that they could purchase and add value to. After about 5 weeks we found a property in the target area that was being sold by the bank as mortgagee in possession. BEST FEATURES: Urgent sale, modern property but dated interiors, unfinished landscaping so add value potential. THE […]

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