Logan Council Area, QLD

Type of Property

Reason for purchase:
Cash flow - Long term investment

Cost to Build granny flat $150,000

Granny Flat Rent: $330.00 per week

Rental yeild from granny flat 11.44%

Client brief:

We manage our client’s property which is located on a 1300 sqm block of land. To increase the cash flow we assisted our clients build a granny flat on the back of the property which dramatically increased the rent. The granny flat has been strategically positioned on the site so it can be strata-titled from the main house in the future, which could create an uplift in value.  

We helped our clients find a reliable builder and did regular site inspections for them to ensure the process was going smoothly. We also regularly liaised with the tenant of the front property to ensure that they were not being upset or inconvenienced with the new build happening right behind them. 

The property has more room for development our clients may build a 3rd property on the site in the future.